" It was great! The gentlemen were very great! My windows sparkle."  Nancy M.

" Wonderful! My windows look great! He was fast, efficient and very polite! Please send me a reminder in the spring!"  Dolores Z.

" Everything went great! Jared does a great job, like he always does! Thank you we enjoyed having you. "  Lynn H.

" It went great! I haven't gotten my windows cleaned in 15 years and they look beautiful! The two men you sent out were so nice and I told them I would see them in the spring. I would be happy to recommend WINCLEAN to anyone."
Mary S.

" I think the boys did a nice job. I know my house isn't the easiest house to work with, they did a great job. "  Elwood C.

" I was so impressed! The boys were very professional and nice. I loved the little booties that they wore in my home. I will use you guys again."  Betty Sue S.

" Unbelievably great! The boys were personable and professional and I thank you."  Judy C.

"Absolutely great!  Your crew was wonderful and I felt very comfortable with them here and my husband not home."  Barbara Z.

" Barry and Nick, we were very pleased with them, they were 2 very nice men! We will call you again. "  Sharon R.

"Very happy, very professional, they covered their shoes and the boys were so nice"  Helga V.

"Perfect" JoAnna C.

" They were great! The windows are beautiful and they were really nice".
Anne J.

"Very satisfied. Did a good job & will use us again".  Larry H.

"They are beautiful! The young men were very nice! Crystal clear". 
Elliott Z.

"YES! They did a beautiful job". Maggie R.

" Everything is fine"  Karisma G.

" Very well! They did a good job"  Raymond H.

"They did a nice job".  Chet E.

"They did a FABULOUS job! Thank you so much for fitting us in".
Cheryl S.

" Everything looks just fine. I can actually see out my windows"  Patty H.

" They did a great job! They were very nice people".  Joyce S.

" Great! They were great! We will recommend you to anyone".  Gwen C.

" Wonderful! Our windows are beautiful".  Daniel D.

" Everything looks beautiful, the two men were very pleasant. I will defiantly be using you guys again! "  Jane C.

" Of course perfect. It always goes perfect!"  JoAnne M.

" I am so happy!, my windows are so clean, all my neighbors are asking who did them? I am referring them to you."  Sandy Z.

" We were very pleased. You were the most efficient and professional people we have ever had. We will be calling you guys again".  Ton A.

" Everything looks great"  Steve H.

" Where do you find these men? They are the classiest window cleaners I have ever had. Jared is the most precious thing. I will recommend you to anyone and will be calling you guys back. Really soon!  Beverly M.

" Everything is beautiful! Everything is great! We are very happy!" 
Barabra S.

"They did a great job! They put everything back when they were finished and the windows look great.!"  Kathy G.

"Everything went great! As usual! We were very impressed"  Marilynn C.

"It went great! No problems at all" Kathy D.

"It went fine. Thank you very much. We enjoyed you" Betty B.

" Everything went great! The young men were very nice and accommodating. The windows are beautiful!"  Jim B.

" They did a great job! They were very professional and were great to be around".  Suzette C.

" Nice crew! Everything went great."  Ron S.